Drinking Water, Water Transmission Line and Network Projects
Increased human population, depending on the needs of housing and public works, environmental science through the use of modern technology in a manner consistent with our company in order to meet; drinking water, tap water transmission line and are preparing infrastructure projects.
Of the projects that we have prepared, in accordance with the opinion of the administrative authorities and follow-up verification and finalization of successful execution, is our basic principle.
Waste Water Collector and Network Projects
Removal of used water, it is important in terms of public health. In this context, our company network projects in the wastewater collector and offer construction services. Project planning control authorities at the request of the need to address public health and safety so as not to threaten the project have been making.
Storm water Collector and Network Projects
Take place in areas where adequate infrastructure systems and storm water goods can constitute a major threat in terms of security.
Existing infrastructure systems constantly renewed in our country, old and new systems for residential areas with adequate storm water system is greatly needed.
In our company we have prepared various types of projects settlements, roads, squares and so on. We are preparing for the storm water network projects.
Stream Improvement Projects
Our company; rural and urban areas of water bodies (rivers, streams, etc..) in breeding and serves to organize your projects. In this context, creek beds, national and international standards, to minimize potential flood damage and surface waters receiving environment in a controlled manner in order to ensure accurate and demonstration projects are starting to prepare.
Deep Sea Outfall Project
Residential areas, as a result of human activities and wastewater treatment for the removal of the methods used is one method of Deep Sea Outfall. Removal of the desired wastewater, pretreated needed (physical, biological) after passing; and quantities required in depth with discharge pipe laid on the seabed, according to the dynamics of the receiving environment as determined by the calculation of dilution is discharged into the sea from the appropriate point. Our company is willing to institutions and organizations in this direction serves the project.
Landscaping and Irrigation Projects
Irrigation, however, necessary for the normal development of the plant can not be met by natural precipitation of the water, the soil in the root zone of plants, at the required time, and the required amount is to be controlled.
Too much or unconscious as a result of irrigation practices;
  • a reduction in the development of stem cells,
  • Useful slowdown in activity of soil microorganisms,
  • Uptake of nutrients in the soil that prevents the formation of harmful compounds,
  • High ground water level occur,
  • Soil salinity and desertification,
  • Erosion of soil loss,
  • Excessive water use and yield loss will occur as a result.
Landscaping, irrigation and landscaping for the purpose of planning, visual sense of richness to the environment and helps to protect the environment at the same time. Our company is based on the needs of the service we provide landscaping and irrigation projects.